Key Image Dutch Church (Nederlandse Kerk)
7 Austin Friars
EC2N 2HA London (City of London)
United Kingdom
Denomination: Reformed
Congregation: De Nederlandse Kerk in Londen
Geogr. Coordinates: 51.51556° N, 0.08566° W
Geo Location
Reference year: 1954
Architectural style: Modern
Building type: Single-nave church
Description: Modern single-nave church as a collection of rectangular boxes at different levels (reunion hall in the ground floor, church in the first floor)
Building material
  • Portland Stone
  • Organ built in 1954 by Willem van Leeuwen, Leiderdorp, 1994–95 major restoration
  • Stained glass windows in the church and in the staircase (by Max Nauta, P. H. G. C. Kok and others)
1253:   Construction of an Augustine monastery
1538:   Dissolution of the monastery
1550:   Given to Protestant refugees from the Netherlands by King Edward VI
15/10/1940:   Destruction during World War II
23/07/1950:   The 10-years-old Netherlands princess Irene lays the foundation stone for the new church
1954:   Completion of the new building by Arthur Bailey
28/06/1989:   Ecumenical service to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Important persons:
Architect:  Bailey, Arthur (English architect of the 20th century)
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