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GY1 2JU St Peter Port
Guernsey (Bailiwick of)
Denomination: Anglican
Congregation: The Parish Church of St Peter Port (Diocese of Salisbury, Archdeaconry of the Channel Islands, Deanery of Guernsey)
Geogr. Coordinates: 49.45477° N, 2.53635° W
Geo Location
Reference year: 1466
Architectural style: Gothic
Building type: Hall Church
Description: Three-aisled parish church with a square tower over the crossing
Name derivation: From St Peter, the apostle
  • 8 bells, called The Liberation Bells, cast in 1995 by Taylor's of Loughborough to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the liberation from German occupation
  • Altar with 19th c. retable
  • Built in 1866, showing saints with a relationship to Guernsey (St Peter, St Martin, St Samson, St Magloire)
  • Created in the 19th c.
  • Built during the 19th c., restored in 1960 and 1975 by Walker & Sons
Mid- 12th cent.:   Construction of the oldest parts of the current church (transepts)
1282:   First written record of a parish priest
1294:   Severely damaged during several French raids (until 1305)
1305:   Completion of the nave and its arcades
1466:   Completion of the church
03/11/1534:   Henry VIII breaks away from Rome, in consequence overpainting of the wand paintings
1568:   The churches of Guernsey, formerly belonging to a diocese in Normandy, are integrated into the Diocese of Winchester, where they remain until 2022 (now part of the Diocese of Salisbury)
1642:   During the Civil War Guernsey sides with Parliament, but Castle Cornet remains loyal to the Crown and damages the church by cannon fire
1721:   Consecration of a set of 8 bells
1822:   Start of extensive restoration works
09/05/1945:   Liberation from German occupation; allied bomb raids during the occupation destroy the church’s windows
Important persons:
Namenspatron:  Peter (1–64 (?), apostle and martyr)
Le Conte, David: Besucherführer der Stadtpfarrkirche von St Peter Port Guernsey, 2018
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