Key Image St Mary’s Cathedral
St Marys Road
NSW 2000 Sydney
Denomination: Roman Catholic
Congregation: St Mary’s Cathedral (Archdiocese of Sydney)
Geogr. Coordinates: 33.87119° S, 151.21332° E
Geo Location
Reference year: 1905
Architectural style: Gothic Revival
Building type: Basillica
Description: North-oriented basilica of the Gothic Revival style with transept, tower over the crossing and a twin-tower south façade
Name derivation: From Mary, the mother of Jesus
Building material
  • Built of Hawkesbury Sandstone (also called “Sydney Sandstone”)
  • Monuments for Archbishop Kelly and Cardinal Moran in front of the south façade (archbishops of Sydney during the time of construction)
  • Altar dedicated to St Joseph in the northern side chapel
  • Main organ built 1997–99 by Orgues Létourneau (Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec); 46 stops, three manuals and pedal
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (George Washington Lambert)
1821:   Foundation stone for the first St Mary’s Chapel is laid
1835:   St Mary‘s Chapel becomes cathedral
1851:   Extension works for the cathedral commence (architect Augustus Welby Pugin)
29/06/1865:   Cathedral ruined by fire
1868:   Foundation stone for the current cathedral is laid (design by William Wilkinson Wardell)
1882:   Opening and dedication of the incomplete northern section
1900:   The opened section and central tower are completed and dedicated
1905:   Free of debt, the cathedral is solemnly consecrated
02/09/1928:   The almost-complete cathedral is opened
1930:   Cathedral raised to Basilica Minor
2000:   Completion of the spires on the south towers to the design by Wardell
Important persons:
Patron:  Mary (c. 22 BCE – c. 48 CE, mother of Jesus [featured article])
Tower Height [m]:  74.6
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